Bridging cultural divides, mending communication breakdowns, and helping clients resolve their conflicts. Conflict is an opportunity that can lead to better results when conflict resolution tools are applied and communication channels opened.


To teach, empower and motivate others through intense systemic coaching and training. We work with youth, organizations, diverse teams and executives in multiple sectors. We guide our clients through difficult individual or group conflicts and help clients find new solutions which allow for transformation and growth.


  • Offer moderation, intercultural management, conflict awareness, diversity workshops, soft-skills communication training and team building for individuals, teams, and organizations.

  • Provide intensive consulting and training allowing individuals to examine their communication styles, cultural maps and personal profiles within organizations.

  • Train-the-trainer: design training material, presenting information and facilitating exercises for building consultant’s “toolbox.”

  • Focusing on a solution- and target orientation and individual and group motivation.

  • Serve as an impartial third party to support and help those involved in a conflict to find an acceptable resolution.

  • Facilitate communication between the parties to promote reconciliation, renewing relationships, seeing benefits and settlement mutually.

  • Help conflict parties to “narrate” a new story-line and let go of “old” dominant stories and pattern.

  • Examine the client's visions and limiting beliefs, create action plans and provide regular feedback to clarify desires, resolve any relationship and belief blocks and realize their vision.