Eileen Petzold-Bradley founded “The Cultural Diplomat” to bridge cultures through effective communication and applying conflict resolution tools. Eileen is a motivated Conflict Resolution Trainer eager to help clients advanced knowledge and abilities in intercultural intelligence, resolve communication crisis and barriers and mediate conflicts. Engaging and hands-on instructor and conflict coach with more than 20+ years of related experience and superior planning and facilitation abilities.

Eileen is currently pursuing part-time her PhD in Conflict Resolution & Analysis at Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale, Florida and also working as a Graduate Assistant in field of mediation, organizational conflict and youth violence prevention.

Most recently, Eileen was Managing Director of the Helen Doron Learning Center Pankow, and Master Franchisor for Berlin and Brandenburg for the Helen Doron Educational Group Helen Doron. She also led various projects for research think tanks and non-governmental organizations including: Institute for Biodiversity, Adelphi Research, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency, and Ecologic. She also coordinated and organized conferences and workshops for the German Federal Foreign Office and the German Ministry of the Environment and worked for the US Army as a Latin American security analyst. 

Specialties / Core Competencies

Team Leadership

Strategic Thinker

Relationship Building

Performance Feedback


Effective Public Speaker

Educational Programs

Managerial Background


Training Coordination

Problem Solving


Systemic Coaching

Group Mediation

Conflict Resolution Skills



Empowerment & Leadership