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We offer systemic coaching, group mediation, career advising, communications consulting, and cross-cultural coaching services. 

The Best Kept Secret in the Americas and Crossroads of the World: Panama
Are you ready to relocate and live in tropical paradise? Is it time to make a move, start a new business or have a secure investment in a stable economy? Well the best-kept secret is out – it is located at the crossroads of the world – the republic of Panama! Yes, Panama is one of the happiest places on earth. Panama is a land with an abundance of natural wealth and variety of resources that have made it a top retirement and holiday destination and business location.
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A 5-Step Guide to Having a Difficult Conversation

What is a Difficult Conversation? This is anything you find hard to talk about. We often get into a dilemma and ask ourselves: should I avoid or confront? How can we best deal with having hard talks with our business colleagues, friends and even loved ones? We as human beings struggle with this all the time- often we want to deliver a helpful message, but it gets derailed, our emotional triggers set in, and we have miscommunication.

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Are You a Leader for Today's Society?

How do we define leadership in today’s society? What are the necessary tools leaders need to be effective in our diverse global economy? How do we create leaders or is this an innate quality in certain people? When I think of leadership I often think of many core values ranging from authenticity, cooperation, generosity, independence, influence, recognition, responsibility, service, and tolerance.

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Hard or Soft- What are you?

What you would define yourself as- hard, soft, both or a mix depending on the situation? What types of communication skills are required of a person in their home culture, gender context, working environments, and crisis situations, within family or friend circles – Hard or Soft?

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