The Cultural Diplomat

The Cultural diplomat - Exclusive Services

We offer professional language and educational training in English, communications consulting, content management assistance, cross-cultural coaching, gender empowerment, and exclusive concierge services. 


Cross-Cultural Consulting

Cross-cultural TRAINING

  • Offer moderation, intercultural management, conflict awareness, diversity workshops, soft-skills communication training and team building for individuals, teams and organizations. 
  • Intensive consulting and training allows individuals to examine their communication styles, views of the world, and understand our cultural maps and personal profiles.

diversified Training ModuleS

  • Starting my Own Business in Germany
  • Being A Freelancer in Germany
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Managing Creative Teams
  • Gender Cooperation and Empowerment
  • How Foreigners Do Business with Germans and Americans
  • Developing a Global Mindset
  • Feeling at Home in Berlin

INTEGRATION & Relocation Service

  • Provide new arrival orientation, returning home adjustment orientations, and cross-cultural coaching for foreign families, expats, and professionals who are coming to work, start-up a business, or study at a university in Germany.
  • A new and exclusive angle is offering personalized relocation service for VIPS and Executives in opening a business corporation, establishing residency, or wishing to retire to Panama.

Conflict Resolution Practitioner

Mediation & Facilitation

  • Help people in business, organizations and private individuals to find quick, constructive and creative solutions to disputes.
  • Serve as an impartial third party to support and help those involved in a conflict to find a resolution.
  • Facilitate communication between the parties to promote reconciliation, settlement or understanding.



  • Provide real-life advice, guidance, and motivation coaching to inspire leadership, mentorship, and to support change for women and youth in Berlin, Germany.
  • Assist through various cultural integration platforms and outreach to international schools in Berlin region.
  • Teach and educate youth on non-violent communication, anti-bullying campaigns, and coping with change.


  • Changing individual and organizational beliefs.
  • Dealing with difficult people and difficult organizational situations.
  • Solving individual, couple, team, and family conflicts.
  • Narrating a new story and letting go off dominant stories.




Career and Life Coaching

Career Coaching

  • Specializes in systemic and life coaching, career advising, supervision, solution and target orientation, group motivation.
  • Work with Ingeus Individual, a certified coaching academy in Berlin, that helps students, career changers, newcomers and unemployed academics enter/reenter the German workforce.
  • Help clients with establishing their own business, job reintegration and reentering market after parent breaks or career changes.
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  • Through Digital Diva Deluxe e. V.,  a nonprofit organization of international women entrepreneurs, the goal is to  strengthen women at work, in society and politics and to go digital with their businesses online.
  • Digital advising and business coaching sessions are soon available online.
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  • Through systemic coaching, examine client's visions and limiting beliefs, create action plans and provide regular feedback to clarify desires, resolve any relationship and belief blocks and realize their vision.
  • Systemic models generate powerful SMART choices, including relationship matrices, timelines, systemic development, reframing, perceptual positions and relationship hierarchies.