The Cultural Diplomat

The Cultural diplomat - Exclusive Services

We offer professional language and educational training in English, communications consulting, content management assistance, cross-cultural coaching, gender empowerment, and exclusive concierge services. 


Doing Business in English


The Cultural Diplomat teaches adults and business executives both in-house and 1:1 to negotiate and conduct business, to carry out small talk, speak in public, network, give presentations and understand the basics to correspond in English in various mediums.

Communications Consulting

The Cultural Diplomat works with start-up companies in developing their communications strategies, website profiles and all printed reports such as press releases, annual reports and briefings for investors and shareholders.

Content Management         

The Cultural Diplomat provides editorial assistance for creating, improving and maintaining content aligning to client’s content distribution for online channels and social media platforms to increase web traffic and marketing outreach.


Bridging Cultures and Resolving Conflicts

Mediation & Facilitation

The Cultural Diplomat provides conflict resolution and mediation consulting focusing on solving conflicts within organizations, teams, and in group settings. This includes using conflict management techniques to achieve a win-win approach for a mutually beneficial result using new innovative tools such as narrative and transformative mediation.


Diversified Training                  

The Cultural Diplomat offers moderation, intercultural management, conflict awareness, diversity workshops, soft-skills communication training and team building for individuals, teams and organizations. Training modules includes: "Coaching Skills for Managers," "Managing Creative Teams," "Gender Cooperation and Empowerment."


The Cultural Diplomat provides real-life advice, guidance, and systemic coaching to inspire leadership, mentorship, and to support change for women and youth in Berlin, Germany through various cultural integration platforms (i.e. The Digital Diva Deluxe e.V.).


Finding Solutions through Systemic Coaching

Career Coaching

The Cultural Diplomat specializes in systemic and life coaching, career advising, supervision, solution and target orientation, group motivation. We work with Ingeus, with a certified coaching academy in Berlin, that helps unemployed academics return into the German workforce and obtain necessary funding for job reintegration and coaching.

Integration Assistance

The Cultural Diplomat provides any needed assistance for foreign families, expats and professionals who are coming to work, start-up a business, or study at university in Berlin, Germany. Training modules include: "How to Do Business with Germans and Americans," "Developing a Global Mindset," "Feeling at Home in Berlin."

Life Coaching

The Cultural Diplomat guides clients to examine their own visions, create action plans and provided regular feedback to clarify goals, resolved any relationship and belief blocks. We examine individual communication styles, views of the world, and understand our cultural maps and personal profiles.